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Popular kimono rental service in Kyoto


Become famous in social media! The kimono rental service of Kyoaruki.

KANSAI collection

KANSAI collection

KANSAI collection


Why you should choose Kyoaruki to rent kimono in Kyoto!

  • The place is very conveninet to reach.
  • Become populat through social media.
  • The orthodox kimono shop in Kyoto.
  • Avalible for large numbers of people.
  • Can return at hotel.
  • Have own maintenance center for washing kimono.

Why you should choose Kyoaruki


Optional service for you to enjoy trip in Kyoto.



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    The information about stores in Kyoto and Osaka

    KyoarukiKyoto Shijyo main store

      • 住所〒604-8154
      • Kyoto city, Nakagyoku, Kikusuibokocho,582 Saganokan building 2F
      • 電話番号075-213-7171
      • FAX075-241-5776
      • 時間10:00~19:00

    KyoarukiUmeda branch store

      • 住所〒530-0012
      • Hankyuu sibatatyou Bld.3F, 1-1-1, Shibata, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 530-0012, Japan
      • 電話番号06-6374-5589
      • 時間11:00~19:00

    KyoarukiNamba branch store

      • 住所〒556-0011
      • 1-10-4 Nankainomura Bld.2F, Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 556-0011, Japan
      • 電話番号06-6633-2150
      • 時間11:00~19:00


    The message from Kyoaruki

    2017.08.19Website renewal open

    Kyoaruki provides the service for you to rent high quality kimono in the central Kyoto.
    We have kimono called machigi for autumn and winter, the yukata for summer ,even have high class kimono called nishakusode to rent with reasonble prices.
    For different kinds of customers such as couples,families,or customers travel with friends from worldwide,we have rental plans let you choose the kimono and the obi(belt) you like with reasonable prices,we also have the plan that you can choose high class kimono called furisode.
    Every plan has a set with knickknack which is little bag for you to put your belongings,we also have luggage storage service for you to walk around Kyoto freely.

    Our store only takes 2 minutes from Kyoto subway's Shijyo Station/Hankyu railway's Karasuma Station by walking. Nearing subway station and has a great positon to go to central Kyoto,very convenient for you to travel Kyoto.Not only famous spots in Kyoto such as Kiyomizu Temple,Koudaiji Temple,Gion,Yasaka Shrine,Kawaranachi and Arashiyama,you can also wear kimono to Osaka or Kobe.
    With optional hairstyle service,our stylist can make the very one hairstyle that fits you most!Grade up the obi(belt) and goods with kimono,you can enjoy your day in kimono with more gorgeous looking in kimono.

    Rent the kimono you prefer,put it on by professional stylist with beautiful hairstyle to have a nice day in Kyoto.
    If you want to rent kimono in Kyoto,please choose the highly recommende store by media,Kyoaruki!

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